A huge milestone

Sonalisa Patel
3 min readOct 31, 2021


My father’s retirement, his significant achievement!

A simple middle-class man

I seldom discuss my family on social media, let alone write a blog about them. This event, however, is a huge highlight for all of us. And I would never have missed out on this opportunity to express myself.

My father is neither a well-known figure nor is he a high-ranking official at his workplace. A modest man who barely finished his higher secondary education and had to work to support his family. This educational sacrifice had also cost him his personal growth. He couldn’t grow up on the ladder and set up his own cabin and office. And I don’t regret any of these, nor does he. In fact, he is thrilled to be the first child to leave home and work in the public sector. This paved the way for his younger brothers to get higher education and comparatively better careers later in life.

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A journey of 37 years 5 months and 9 days

My father’s work was a field job. It was exhausting and required a significant amount of physical effort, just like any other field job. It was all sweat and sore muscles. Despite being promoted multiple times, he was not given any leeway. His job was all about taking orders and executing them. He spent his whole time saluting his superiors, calculating his leaves, rushing to work, and trying to deliver his best at his job. This sums up his entire career! It was all about making commitments and taking instructions. Along with this, he also had his sweet share of bonding with his coworkers, whom he considered his second family. He mentored, celebrated, partied, laughed, and mourned alongside them.

But all this bustle has come to a standstill now. There are no longer any superiors, salutations, rush, or the need to prove anything to anybody. He is moving closer to finding his peace. I can see the weariness in his eyes and the wrinkles screaming his age. He needs to slow down now that he has run his marathon.

A few days ago while we were having our evening snacks together, he pulled out some of his pictures with his friends having fun at work. He was secretly smiling. We know it will be difficult to embrace the inert life that lies ahead, but it’s time.

Our celebration at home

Salute to his commitment

It blows up my mind when I compare both of our journeys so far. I have worked at four different firms in the last 5 years, all in quest of a perfect environment to learn and grow. My father, on the other hand, has stuck to his one job throughout the years. He prioritized his family and stability over his personal development, which is completely justified. Our generation has a different outlook on life now, but the patience and dedication demonstrated by our previous generation are remarkable.

My family is celebrating a momentous occasion today. Our legend is retiring! I am glad he can finally enjoy his life and make up for all the things he missed previously. Kudos to him on finishing this wonderful journey safely and joyfully. We now have him and all of his time.

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